5 Things Hiring Managers Wish You Knew

There’s nothing more exciting than being called in for a job interview. However, there’s also no disagreeing the fact that it can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve been searching for a job for quite some time. The best thing a potential applicant can do is come prepared. If you are looking for some extra tips, here are five things hiring managers wish you knew:

It matters to them that you do your research

In the digital era, there is no reason why you shouldn’t know a little bit about the company you’re applying to. US News points out that some candidates rely on their reflexes during job interviews. However, while thinking on your feet is a good skill, hiring managers want applicants to be able to ask them questions.

Inquire about the office culture if it’s not included on the website. Ask about the measure of success in the role you’re applying for or be curious about the shortcomings of the previous person who had the role. Asking good questions means you made some effort to know about the company beforehand.

They look for red flags

Did you come in late? Were you unprepared? Did you treat any part of the interview process too casually? Hiring managers have their own list of clues that tip them off to a problematic candidate. Be wary about the little details. Talk convincingly and honestly about why you want to be a part of the team.

They genuinely want to know your strengths and weaknesses

A LinkedIn study showed that business leaders tend to value soft skills over hard skills — they’re difficult to measure, but they translate to most career paths. Hard skills can be learned and upgraded over time with training, soft skills, on the other hand, are part of your character. In today’s job market, where the competition is fierce, you need to make sure that you have a wide range of skills, especially in sought after industries like the tech industry.

Yoss reveals that tech recruiters are currently only focusing on the top 1% of talent, and the competition amongst job seekers means they don’t need to settle for anything less. In order to land your dream job, you have to be the complete package. You should have excellent soft skills like organisational leadership and the ability to collaborate to match your technical skills.

They check out your social media accounts

Over a third of businesses look at a job applicant’s social media account early on in the hiring process. Workplace Psychology consultant and trainer Steve Nguyen reported how people put a significant amount of information about themselves online.

“We put ourselves on full display and share many things that, taken together, reveal our beliefs, tastes, and even personalities,” he said. Finding the right person for the job is difficult and social media offers a glimpse into a candidate’s personality. Make sure yours is a good representation of yourself. If it isn’t, make sure it is before you start applying for jobs.

They care about whether or not you’re yourself

Our article ‘Basic Tips for A Job Interview’ emphasized on the importance of being yourself during a job interview. Another tip is that you shouldn’t dress too casually even if the interview is advertised as casual. Remember that you can only make a first impression once, so make sure you leave a positive impact.

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