3 People Killed by Knife Attack Near Notre-Dame in Nice

At least three people were killed in an attack with a knife in the centre of Nice. An initiate says the attacker beheaded one of his victims, a woman.


The authorities have not yet confirmed this. According to the mayor of the French city, it appears that the perpetrator had terrorist motives.

The attack took place in or near Notre Dame Church in the coastal city on the Mediterranean. French media reports that several people were also injured there.

The police allegedly shot and arrested the perpetrator. He has been taken to a hospital. The authorities are calling on people to stay away from the centre of Nice. They are looking for possible explosives.

In the French House of Representatives, the National Assembly, according to French media, silence has already been held for the victims for a minute. France has repeatedly been shaken by terrorist violence in recent years.

Earlier this month, the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty in a Paris suburb caused shocked reactions. The teacher had shown cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a lesson on freedom of speech.

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