15 Years in Jail for Cleaning Lady After Stealing 36 Expensive Watches King Morocco

A court in Rabat sentenced fifteen people to prison terms of four to fifteen years because they participated in the theft of watches of the Moroccan king.


The main suspect was a 46-year-old cleaning lady who worked in one of the palaces of Mohammed VI. She got fifteen years.

The woman was accused of stealing 36 luxury watches, which she melted to sell the raw material to stores specialised in gold trade. The fourteen others, all men, were retailers and intermediaries.

At the end of 2019, the group was arrested for “theft” and “forming a criminal gang.” In court, they said they did not know the origin of the watches.

King Mohammed VI was ranked in 2014 by Forbes magazine as one of the wealthiest people in the world, with an estimated fortune of more than $ 2.5 billion.

He is known as a lover of watches. He allegedly owns a timepiece of white gold inlaid with diamonds with a value of one million euros.

In addition to expensive watches, the 56-year-old prince also has an extensive collection of luxury cars, valuable paintings and yachts.

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